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We believe everyone can – and should – drink the best coffee. But first you need the right equipment. When buying machinery outright, it can cost an arm, a leg, and most of your savings.  After years of grinding coffee, and our gears, we found the solution: tailored and affordable rental options on the newest and best machinery.So you can make the best coffee, with the best machinery; at the best price.
Buddy is:

A smarter way to pay!

All repayments are immediately 100% tax deductible. They never touch your balance sheet, so they won't affect your ability to borrow in the future.*

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Letting you know that you’re the boss.

Negotiate pricing, change suppliers as you wish, and easily upgrade your equipment as you – and your orders – grow. We’ll also deliver everything, you can start taking orders sooner, boss.


Build your dream coffee setup!

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Buddy is real people with real advice!

We’re café owners too, with over 15 years experience in the hospitality industry. So we’ve always got solicited – and occasionally unsolicited – advice to give.

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More money in your pocket!

Our rental repayments cost less than a few long blacks a day. There’s also no upfront costs, so you can free up capital to spend on more important things. Like indoor hanging plants.

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