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The PuqPress is the world's first automatic coffee tamper that perfectly compresses your ground coffee evenly and equally every time. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the Puq Press makes brewing coffee a snap.

Puqpress Automatic tampers are one of the fastest growing barista tools in the world, for good reasons. Tamping can play a massive function in the coffee puck's density, which will have flow-on results to the pour of the espresso, ultimately the extraction and flavour of that coffee. A consistent tamp every time, without question, is proven to provide reliable results.

Automate The Tamp 

Speed your workflow by 30% thanks to automated tamping that eliminates human error and inconsistency.

Reduce Barista Injury 

Dramatically reduce the risk of RSI in your wrist and shoulder.

Improve Espresso Quality

100% uniform tamping reduces barista inconsistency, thrown-out shots, and channelling to boost your shot quality dramatically.

Nano-Tech Tamper 

Keeps grounds from building up on the tamper for a faster, cleaner workflow.

Mini Size Puqpress 

A little smaller with all the might of an industry game changer. 

10-30kg Of Pressure

Set the consistent pressure in increments of 1kg.

Use Any Portafilter 

It can be used with all commercial portafilter sizes and styles.

Digital Display

Adjust settings for pressure and initiate cleaning mode.

2-Year Warranty 

24-month non-consumable parts warranty. Ongoing support in case any non-consumable parts inside your Puqress become defective.

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