The Perfect Moose

Perfect Moose is the latest smart, automated milk-steaming technology that takes over for the busy barista, reduces training issues and increases output during busy times. Milk steaming requires a lot of skill, time, feel and practice. Perfect Moose’s smart technology gives you that extra pair of barista hands without the need for that extra barista during peak times. No training is involved.

The Perfect Moose

Perfect Moose is the smart, automated foamer which takes over for the busy barista, rescues the untrained and gives your customers a true treat worth coming back for. Using any liquid you like.

Cool Touch Steam Wand 

Cool Touch double insulated wand that you can touch without burning your hand.

Hands-Free Operation 

No complicated menus and no room for error. Just place your jug on the Moose and wait for it to start.

Moving Steam Wand 

The wand automatically copies every barista's hand's exact move, preset by your specified recipe.

No Waste 

No more overfilling and wasting milk, as the system will prevent the user from using the Moose if the jugs are too full.

Smart Moose Eye 

The infrared eye monitors the temperature of the chosen liquid during the steaming cycle, ensuring it's exactly how you want it.

Scale Pitcher Holder 

Perfect Moose uses a weighing scale pitcher holder to measure the amount of liquid to adjust the steaming cycle.

Smart Moose Pitcher 

The RFID tag on the bottom of each jug triggers the Moose to start steaming based on that exact jug preset recipe profile.

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