Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75

Discover the Victoria Arduino Mythos MY75, a marvel in the world of commercial coffee grinders. It's your pathway to unparalleled coffee perfection.

75 mm Flat Titanium Burrs: The Mythos MY75 boasts 75 mm burrs crafted from the finest titanium. Why does that matter? Well, it means you're looking at a grinder that's not just here for a good time but a long time. These burrs are built to last, ensuring a consistently uniform grind that makes your coffee truly exceptional.

Micrometric Adjustment: Ever heard of a step-less grind adjustment? It's like being handed the keys to coffee paradise. With the Mythos MY75, you can get closer to that elusive perfect grind size and dosing. It's all about that precision, my friends.

Temperature Control: Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your coffee beans? The Mythos MY75 lets you play barista like a pro. Adjust the grind temperature anywhere between 20 to 50 degrees Celsius, and watch the flavors unfold. Your taste buds will thank you.

Touchscreen Magic: You know what's cooler than traditional buttons and knobs? A sleek touchscreen that puts the power at your fingertips. The Mythos MY75's intuitive adjustment system and all the info you need are just a tap away.

Clump Crusher: Say goodbye to messy, uneven grounds. The Mythos MY75 comes equipped with a clump crusher strategically placed at the outlet spout. It ensures your grounds are neatly and evenly dispensed into your basket or dosing cup. No more coffee chaos!

Programmed Dosing: We get it; life can be a whirlwind, especially during those busy coffee rushes. That's why the Mythos MY75 lets you set your dosing preferences. It's like having a personal barista who knows just how you like it, even on your busiest days.

Simpler Maintenance: Nobody wants a complicated breakup with their grinder when it's time for maintenance. The Mythos MY75 is designed to make things easy. With fewer screws and effortless panel detachment, maintenance is a breeze.

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