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San Remo Cafe Racer

Rent for just $245 per week or 6 cups of coffee a day!

All prices include 10% GST

Make the best coffee, with the best machinery; at the best price.

Flexible, 12-month rental agreement

Affordable, weekly payments

Rental payments are 100% tax deductible

Continue renting or return the equipment after 12 months


Easily navigate the grouphead display. Every blend or single-origin coffee has different requirements. For a perfect and homogeneous extraction of coffee solubles, it is fundamental to control the pre-infusion elements. Pre-infusion is the first phase of espresso brewing, and its primary function is to saturate and prepare the coffee bed for optimal extraction. Pre-infusion also allows uniform delivery and aids in preventing channelling.

Through the display, you can easily program each group for:

pre-infusion time

he volume of water for extraction


For each group, you can save 4 different profiles and the continuous dispensing function.


Two reasons why Café Racer has been, since 2018, the authorised machine of the Latte Art and Coffee in Good Spirits competition finals. The technology in this espresso machine stands out as the solution we wanted to give countless baristas demanding a high-performance, dependable machine with character.

Energy Saving System:
Insulation and smart energy management to save up to 40%

Dry Power Steam:
Low additional liquid during the milk steaming

Easy Service:
Fast access to the internal parts for quick and easy technical service

Flowactive system for precise control of the water flow and pre-infusion time

Volumetric Pump Performance:

The unique 79.3 US gal - 300 l/h pump guarantees constant pressure in all conditions of machine use

Everything Under Control:
System digital display to provide visibility of all working parameters
The smart-touch setting of the individual groups
Adjustable Work Surface:
Innovative Sanremo “All in one” suspension system that allows cups of different shapes and heights (adjustable from 3.35 to 5.90 inches)
Adjustable tray height (6oz to 16oz cups)
Proper water filtration and receptacle outlet required (sold separately)

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