Giesen W6 Series


The W6 roaster brings professionally and user-friendly roasting together. It’s the perfect combination of functionalities, capacity, and appearance. The most sold model and available in the W6A which is automatic or the W6E, which is electric. The latest addition is the fully automated W6 Pro roaster.

What's the difference?

At Giesen, they've developed three electric roaster models for people that want to roast coffee at a location where using gas isn’t an option. Another possibility is that you choose electricity for environmental considerations. After all, these machines operate on electricity only. In this blog, we explain the main differences in specifications, use, and result between gas (W6A and W6 Pro) and electric (W6E) roasters.

Giesen believes quality and functionality should always go together, reflecting their products. The W6 series is handmade by artisans with high-quality materials and designed with two different fans. This way, you can roast and cool simultaneously while increasing the production capacity up to 24 kg per hour.

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