Probat P-Series P12 Coffee Roaster


  • Consistently High Coffee Quality: Thermocouples for recording machine- and process-related data enable optimum control over the roasting process for constant and reproducible roasting results.
  • Flexibility: The extended batch size range and individually controllable frequency converters ensure maximum flexibility in the aroma development of different coffee types. The adjustable cooling sieve outlet allows flexible installation.
  • Efficiency: The simultaneous roasting and cooling process shortens cycle times. The optimized thermal insulation ensures particular energy efficiency.
  • Individuality: The traditional look can be individually rounded off according to personal preference by adapting the color of the roasting machine body, the hood as well as different front design parts – guaranteed unique for every roastery!


The P series's completely new integrated control system is a web-based software solution that can be run from a touchscreen mounted on the machine. A network connection is required when controlling the roaster via a third-party device. For smooth data transfer, the external software systems Cropster and Artisan can easily be connected via interfaces. The control system is updatable and upgradeable, with automatic safety chains in the background, thus guaranteeing stable, safe and future-proof roasting processes.

HMI: The control solution's application-oriented and intuitive user interface is visualized in full scope via an ergonomic 15.6-inch touchscreen. Fully customizable parameters, including language, colour and the possibility to arrange all data individually on the screen. To show additional levels, the touch panel can be connected to third devices – regardless of the operating system – which may then also be used to control the roaster.

Data Management: The P series' roasters are equipped with standard thermocouples to document product and exhaust air temperature. All P series roasters can be fitted with additional sensors for supply, ambient and cooling exhaust air temperature to get the maximum out of the coffee beans. All machine and process data are logged in history. Events, such as the first or second crack, can be added either during or after the roasting process.

Reflection Control: The pioneering control system of the P series enables the safe and automatic reproduction of all stored user-defined settings via recipe management. The burner's automatic adjustment allows accurate roasting profile tracking according to a pre-defined temperature. Depending on the equipment of the machine, this can be, for example, the product, supply air or exhaust air temperature. All recipes can safely be transferred to other roasting machines while maintaining consistency.


Roasting time[min]: 10-20

Roasting capacity [kg/h]: 40

Batch size[kg]: 1-15

Heating: propane, natural gas

Space requirement min. – max. [m²]: 7 – 18

Recommended room height [m]: 2,5

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