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September 7, 2022

Blume Coffee Roasters

First and foremost, Blume aims to be a community roaster, servicing local areas and the like-minded community they partner with.

Mission & Vision

At Blume, they know coffee, and Angus and the team have been obsessing over it for years and years. Well aware they may come across as stuck-up hipsters, and to the general public, specialty coffee seems a bit pretentious & unnecessary, even a bit scary. So Blume's mission is simple. Source & roast great coffees, have fun and hopefully encourage your curiosity. Everyone is welcome; all you need is a smile & a mug.

We spent a rainy winter's morning roasting coffee, listening to good tunes with Angus and chatting about Blume and his plans for the future.

What is the approach you take to roasting coffee here at Blume?

Essentially our roasting style is to try and stay out of the way of all the hard work the producer, plant and environment have done to provide us with the core potential of each coffee.We aim to develop those characteristics in the roaster without adding any tertiary flavours from the roasting process. Hopefully, the final result is a balanced, sweet expression with a lingering aftertaste.

What coffees are we drinking today?

One of our two house blends, 'Sunshine'. Currently, 50% Brazil and 50% Rwanda.

Anything you would like us to know about the coffee?

It's a medium roast that highlights the sweetness and leaves a long, lingering aftertaste. Not only is it suited to espresso, we think it makes a tasty french press or filter coffee for those adding milk or just prefer a fuller-bodied coffee.

What's important to you and the team at Blume?

We want to give people a delicious reason to get out of bed in the morning! As well as inspiring Joy and supplying a product people can feel good about buying. We also want to maintain "Authenticity" in a world where authenticity is manufactured by marketing teams & social "influencers". That has become a forced reinvention, focused around a set of ethics, standards or core ideas. To maintain genuine authenticity, one must constantly change along with the world, innovating as you go. A constant spring, if you will. Forever reinventing from the season before.

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