Feature Roaster | Born & Raised

November 30, 2023

Hey Buddies! Today, we're catching up with Born And Raised, a company that's on a mission to make the world a better place, one cup of coffee at a time. We've got the inside scoop from their founder, guru and the coffee maestro himself, Daniel Dick.

Buddy: So, Daniel, give us the lowdown on Born And Raised. What's the story behind the beans?

Daniel: Born And Raised is all about leaving a positive mark on the world, and we believe in doing it through the magic of coffee. Our goal is simple - to make your day incredible, one sip at a time.

Buddy: Love that! Now, let's talk about the star of the show - 'The Resident.' What's the deal with this blend?

Daniel: Ah, 'The Resident' is our double Brazil blend, a milky puncher that's like a dessert in a cup. Picture a rich chocolate and peanut butter parfait. It's the kind of coffee that wraps you in warmth and comfort.

Buddy: That sounds dope! Anything special about how you source your beans?

Daniel: Absolutely. While we're looking forward to building direct relationships with producers, right now, we're putting our trust in the expertise of brokers like Cafe Imports and MCM. We want the quality of the green beans to shine through, so we keep a regular rotation of singles to offer you a taste of the seasons.

Buddy: Nice! Now, spill the beans on your roasting style. What's the Born And Raised philosophy?

Daniel: Our philosophy is simple – we're not here to dictate how you should enjoy your coffee. Instead, we provide a roast index, making it easy for customers to match their preferences with our selection. It's all about allowing you to savour your coffee how you like it.

Buddy: Red hot approach. Now, as we wrap up our coffee chat, what's the scoop for your mailing list and potential wholesale customers?

Daniel: Even though we're just getting started, we feel confident in understanding the industry and what coffee lovers enjoy. We're eager to expand our knowledge, make new friends, and nurture relationships. So, stay tuned, because Born And Raised is on a journey, and we want you to be part of it!

There you have it, buddies! Born And Raised is not just brewing coffee; they're brewing experiences and building a community.

If you want to join the coffee adventure, reach out to Daniel Dick at Drinkcoffee@bornandraised.coffee, and check out their Instagram @bornandraisedcoffee_. 

Don't miss the buzz – visit their website, bornandraised.coffee, for your daily dose of coffee goodness. Cheers to Born And Raised, our buddies from day one!

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