Feature Roaster - Commonfolk Coffee

February 1, 2023

Listen up, Buddies! If you're looking for a roaster that's got it all - quality coffee, sustainability, and a commitment to ethical sourcing - then you've gotta check out Commonfolk Roastery in Mornington.

Our buddies aren't just roasting up some exceptionally fine coffee; they're also doing their part to help the coffee industry thrive. They source their beans through fair and sustainable practices, and 20c from every cup goes directly to The Cup That Counts. And that's not all - they're also making sure to minimize waste by reusing boxes and bags whenever possible.

Our Buddy Sam on what makes Commonflok so special!

Now let's talk about the coffee itself. Whether you're a lighter filter roast or a darker espresso roast kind of person, Commonfolk has got you covered. They've got classic third-wave espresso blends and unique single-origin coffees like the Zukuka Bora from Uganda. With notes of blueberry, rosemary, cocoa, and almond, this coffee is like nothing you've ever had before.

If you'd like to feature a coffee roaster on your bar that prioritizes sustainability and ethical sourcing in every cup, reach out to the team at Commonfolk today!

For wholesale inquires contact our buddy Sam here

Buy some of Commonfolk's tasty beans here

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