Feature Roaster | El Parche Coffee Roasters

January 18, 2024

 Hey there, buddies! Today, we're diving into the rich world of El Parche Coffee Roasters, a small-batch sensation blending DIY ingenuity with Colombian coffee roots. Joining us is the maestro behind the beans, the captain of caffeine, Jorge Ruiz. 

So, Jorge, spill the beans—how did El Parche come to life in the land down under?

Jorge Ruiz: Howdy! El Parche was born in the hustle and bustle of Melbourne but rooted in the heart of Colombian coffee culture. We're all about those South and Central American vibes, seeking out the finest beans with a sustainable twist. It's not just about great coffee for us; it's about giving our farmers a fair go, ensuring they're growing great beans and supporting their families. Being Colombian means we've got a responsibility.

Buddy Capital: Love that sense of duty, Jorge. Now, spill the coffee—what's the secret sauce in the cup, and what makes El Parche's roasting style stand out?

Jorge Ruiz: Ah, the alchemy of roasting! We dance with a medium-light roast, letting those beautiful coffee notes waltz to the forefront. Every bean has its story, and we're here to coax the best in each one. It's a delicate balance, a bit like life, ya know?

Buddy Capital: Absolutely, Jorge! Now, you've been brewing up joy for three years. What's the scoop on El Parche's newest venture—the cafe in Coburg, Melbourne?

Jorge Ruiz: Exciting times, buddy! From online sensation to brick-and-mortar magic in Coburg. We wanted a place where folks could sip, savour, and share their love for our Latin American brews. It's more than a cafe; it's a hub for coffee lovers, and we're stoked to share that vibe.

Buddy Capital: Red hot! Now, to all you cafe owners and coffee enthusiasts out there—El Parche is on the lookout for more partners in crime. What's the deal, Jorge?

Jorge Ruiz: Absolutely, Buddy! We're keen to connect with cafes all over Australia, bringing our Latin American magic to more cups. Great coffee, top-notch service, and the whole truth about where those beans have been—no secrets here! Drop us a line if you want to be part of the El Parche family.

Buddy Capital: There you have it, buddies! Jorge, thanks for sharing the coffee love. If you're after a cup that's not just a caffeine hit but a cultural journey, El Parche is your go-to. Keep the mugs warm and the vibes vibrant, and until next time, stay buzzed!

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