Goliath Coffee Roasters: Your Coffee Oasis

November 16, 2023

Hey buddies! Let's dive into the world of Goliath Coffee Roasters, where good coffee isn't a luxury—it's a lifestyle. No sales pitches here, just a friendly chat for those of us who appreciate a damn good cup.

David's Coffee Journey:

David, the brain behind Goliath. After 18 years in the café game, he thought, "Why not roast my own beans?" Boom, Goliath Coffee Roasters came to life in 2013. Jump to 2018, they found a sweet spot in Western Sydney. Locals caught wind, and the rest is coffee history.

Roasting Smart with Loring:

What is Sydney's secret sauce? It's their Loring Smart Roaster - more than just a roaster. The machine keeps things clean, produces almost-zero emissions, and is 80% more gas-efficient. Impressive, right?

Flavour Expedition:

Thanks to Loring, Goliath's coffee offers a uniquely flavorful experience. The closed-roasting process ensures no sugar burn, resulting in a delicious sip every time. Fresh batches are dropped weekly, making it easy to have your favorite coffee always available.

The Loring roaster ensures consistency with its computerized profiling system, making every batch a winner like a reliable friend.

Community Vibes:

Goliath isn't just a coffee spot; it's a community hub. Coffee enthusiasts, café champs, and baristas unite. It's not just about the brew; it's about the connection, the chat, the whole shebang.

Goliath's vibe? Make specialty coffee chill. No fancy jargon, just good coffee. Freshly roasted, bursting with flavour—coffee made easy.

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