May 24, 2023

In this savage world of modern espresso machines, where cutting-edge technology runs rampant, one thing is clear: not all coffee machines are created equally. The quest to choose the perfect coffee machine can be treacherous, buddies. With many new features enticing you, finding a machine that aligns with your budget and churns out consistently tantalizing espresso in copious amounts is vital.If you dare to compare coffee machines, heed this checklist of crucial considerations before plunging headfirst into the abyss of purchase:

Size: Coffee machines come in various versions—1, 2, 3, and 4 groups. As a sage in caffeinated wonders, we urge cafe owners to opt for the mighty three-group commercial coffee machine. It can handle the relentless demands of the coffee-addicted masses with the efficiency of a well-honed machine. However, a two-group might be your only saviour if space or power constraints shackle you.

BREW TEMPERATURE CONSISTENCY: The holy grail of espresso creation is brew temperature. This vital element should dominate your thoughts as you compare coffee machines. Seek a machine capable of delivering unwavering consistency even under the weight of high-volume demands. As we mentioned before, my dear reader, customers crave consistency. Thus, a machine that offers such steadfastness shall secure the coveted prize of regular business. Remember, dual or multi boilers, saturated group heads, and PID temperature control are the secret weapons you should seek.

User-friendliness: The gears of your coffee machine should mesh harmoniously with the rhythm of your baristas' workflow, lest chaos and madness ensue. Beware of the temptations of hyper-technological contraptions bursting with complex features. While alluring to those who crave the extraordinary, they may drown your baristas in a deluge of unnecessary intricacies. Familiarize yourself and your staff with the machine's nuances, for it shall serve as your ally or adversary.

SHOT TIMERS: Ah, the digital guardians of consistency. If your coffers permit, seek a machine adorned with a precise, digital shot timer. These celestial timekeepers ensure the delivery of flawless espresso shots and streamline your chaotic symphony of caffeine. Moreover, they serve as an oracle, diagnosing the hidden ailments that plague your machine. Embrace them, my buddy, for they shall grant you a mighty advantage.

Dedicated scales: Understanding the intricate dance between dose and yield is the key to unlocking the secrets of delicious coffee. Dedicated scales shall be your guiding light on this perilous journey. Though the price tag of high-end machines may seem daunting, I implore you to grasp the truth. My dear reader, these features elevate your craft to excellence. If you dare to chase perfection, they are an investment worth making.

BUDGET: Ah, the almighty B—budget. A beacon of reason amidst the chaotic storm. While we understand the delicate dance between frugality and ambition, we must caution against the perils of compromising on the espresso machine. A seemingly cheaper option may prove devilishly costly, not only in maintenance but also in lost sales. Believe us when we say that an expensive coffee machine will reward you in the long run if chosen wisely. Buddies, place your goals and customers at the forefront of your decision and let them guide your path.

Aesthetics: Though the quality of espresso knows no bounds, the allure of aesthetics can seduce the hearts of coffee lovers. Picture a customized machine adorning your establishment, a testament to your artistry and dedication. It shall draw the gaze of customers, filling their souls with pride and kindling the fires of loyalty. Moreover, it shall send a clear message to your competitors—a proclamation of dominance. If the fates allow, allocate a portion of your budget to this grand gesture, and let your coffee machine become a work of art.


Buddies, we delve into treacherous waters, for the path to funding your caffeine-fueled dream is fraught with perils. Fear not, for we shall guide you toward the solution that best suits your needs—a solution known as Buddy Capital.

BUY: Those seeking to make a profound statement often buy their own machines, crafting them to stand out from the mindless herd. Beware, the asset column in your ledger shall bear the weight of this decision. Like cars, espresso machines are seductive creatures that perform vital tasks but depreciate over time. Flexibility and cash flow should always be at the forefront of one's mind when purchasing.

Rent: Behold the financial institutions that extend their hand in your hour of need—what else are Buddies for? Consider renting a coffee machine, for it presents a flexible option. You shall forge an agreement akin to a vital debit order through our esteemed institution. Yet, unlike the mundane, this Agreement grants you the freedom to cancel or downgrade should the weight of affordability bear upon your weary shoulders. And fear not, for should the winds of demand blow fiercely, you can even choose to upgrade and soar above the competition.

Crunch time: The hour of decision has arrived, buddy. If uncertainty gnaws at your soul, fear not, for our buddies stand ready to engage in spirited discourse about espresso machines. Reach out to us, and we shall guide you through the labyrinth of options, unveiling the latest marvels within the specialty coffee industry.

Embrace the madness, buddies, and let the fires of caffeine fuel your journey. Choose wisely, for the destiny of your brew lies within your grasp.

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