Niccolo - Feature Roaster

November 16, 2022

Niccolo is a Melbourne-based wholesale and retail coffee company specialising in wholesale distribution Australia-wide. They're a young crew of experienced hospitality pros with years of experience behind them who treasure building partnerships and aim to support hospitality venues' grow.

In 2022 Niccolo opened its buzzing flagship Melbourne HQ in Cremorne. The Buddy team have been a regular since it first opened. The espresso bar is perfect for a quick meeting or to have a chat about the latest offering with one of the crew. With one of the best retail selction of beans and coffee equipment, it's a coffee dork's dream.

Niccolo's house blend is a regular on our coffee bar and an office favourite; if you've been to a venue serving Niccolo, this will be the coffee you've enjoyed before. A modern twist on the Italian classic, a medium roast with all the characteristics you know and love. Chocolate, hazelnut and honeycomb. Beautifully paired with your choice of milk while maintaining a strong and vibrant presence served black.

We also got our hands on some tasty filter roast from Tarrazu in Costa. A Niccolo favourite that we keep returning for more. It bursts with melon, stone fruits, and creamy chocolate body; this coffee has constantly rotated on the Niccolo espresso bar.

When roasting Niccolo, start with a  good, honest coffee. They like to keep things simple and straightforward and let the coffee do the talking. Niccolo has stayed true to its roast style and market since day one, and we hope they don't change anytime soon.

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