Your next Coffee Grinder? Mythos MYG85

April 13, 2023

First, let's chat about the design, with a sleek and contemporary aesthetic and lightweight aluminium body that can handle heavy use. It will effortlessly slot into any cafe or coffee bar.

The 85mm flat burr set is top-notch, ensuring uniform grinding and a consistent particle size distribution. The 85mm Titanium Flat Burrs in the Mythos MYG85 Coffee Grinder are among its most significant components. These burrs are made of high-quality titanium and are incredibly durable and long-lasting.
The titanium burrs are also highly resistant to wear and corrosion, so they'll stay sharp and in good condition for a long time. This is important because a dull burr can result in uneven grinding and inconsistent particle size distribution, affecting your coffee's taste and quality.

Another benefit of titanium burrs is that they are lighter than traditional steel burrs, which generates less heat during grinding. This is important because excessive heat can cause the oils and flavours in the coffee beans to break down, resulting in a less flavorful cup of coffee.

But what really sets the Mythos MYG85 apart is its Clima Pro technology. This thing uses a fan and heater combo to control the temperature inside the grinder, which means you get a stable and consistent temperature throughout the grinding process. The result is a full-flavoured coffee with oodles of body and aroma.

The digital display is another sweet feature. It's super easy to set and adjust your grind settings, and you can even see the amount of coffee ground and the time elapsed. That means you can replicate the same grind settings for different batches of coffee, and you know it will taste perfect each time you pull a shot of espresso.

Oh, and let's remember the clump crusher. This crushes any clumps that might form during grinding, so you get even distribution, better extraction, and a tastier cup of coffee for your customers.

So, you're looking for a high-quality coffee grinder that delivers consistent and delicious results. In that case, the Mythos MYG85 is worth chatting to Buddy about. Get in touch below and start grinding today.

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