Coffee Accessories

Choosing a commercial coffee equipment for your café, restaurant or espresso bar can be daunting. With so many different pieces of kit to help you make the best cup of coffee, how do you know which features are right for you? How much do you need to spend? Should you prioritise function or style? No need to stress; Buddy is here to help.

The Perfect Moose

Perfect Moose is the latest smart, automated milk-steaming technology that takes over for the busy barista, reduces training issues and increases output during busy times. Milk steaming requires a lot of skill, time, feel and practice. Perfect Moose’s smart technology gives you that extra pair of barista hands without the need for that extra barista during peak times. No training is involved.

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Puqpress Q2

The PuqPress is the world's first automatic coffee tamper that perfectly compresses your ground coffee evenly and equally every time. Designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, the Puq Press makes brewing coffee a snap.

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